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Kristians Vodcast - 1st episode with Chris "Kubby"

August 06, 2020 Paidstrategy, Social
100 days ago, I started my adventure with deepdivr.

And I’ve probably spent half the time digging into paid social and advertisement in general.
Talking with experts, I had the idea to video interview instead, to share these findings with even more people. With Descripts help, it became a my very own Vodcast.

The first episode, is with Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus.Leading Kubb&co, a 26 man social agency - Kubby was the perfect person to ask the following questions:
1. What steps do you normally take when planning a paid social campaign?
2. What steps do you take after you launch a campaign to increase its impact?
3. What does the perfect campaign setup look like? Which types of creatives, platforms, and targeting?
4. When looking at the AI performance of FB business manager, do you trust this or are there things you are manually checking as you go along? And if you do, how often do you check in with the campaign?
5. If you had 150.000 DKK for a campaign, how many different ads would you run? And why this number?
6. Where do you find that there are the most opportunity for increasing performance of a paid social campaign?

If those are also wondering about the answer to any of these, I guess it would be worthwhile to tune in!